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Web-TV Marketing Director, Алматы

Cоздан:   пн, 30/11/2009 - 15:50

J'son & Partners Almaty, ТОО
Уровень зарплаты - от 2 500 до 5 000 USD
Требуемый опыт работы - 3-6 лет

Job Description:

• The key objective of the position is to manage all Content, Production and Quality Control of an entirely new Internet Business Model to be launched in Kazakhstan.
• Marketing Director shall manage all Marketing and Content Aspects of the Project prepared in 2009 and ready for launch 3Q 2009 and starting commercially in 4th Quarter 2009.
• Direct management responsibility for 4-5 teams - each with specific tasks critical for success
• The responsibilities of the Marekting Director include meeting Business Plan targets -- quantitative and qualitative KPIs such as number of "members" recruited , interviews created and profiles released and revenue created from the venture in 1Q-4Q 2010.


• Experience in new and creative marketing using "viral marketing", "leveraged partnership marketing" and massive PR and Press activities in vertical media. Execution is critcal for success.
• Marketing, Journalism/PR; excellent command of Russian and English (spoken/written); excellent communication and analytical skills; high motivation;
• Management and motivational skills


• All Technical Aspects are managed by a separate team lead by an IT Director
• Strong Bonus scheme on top of base salary
• After meeting targets set in 1H 2010 stock options is being offered to all key Personell

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